Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bibliography 2nd Half 2013

A bibliography similar to the previous one. This one covers July-December 2013. Again, it's not necessarily complete and contains only whole books, not articles or primarily reference works. I'm also trying to only include books that are new - i.e., not on the previous lists. (Childrens' books also not included!) Starred books are ones I consider particularly outstanding, interesting, important, or otherwise likable.
*Bahnsen, Greg, Van Til's Apologetic: Readings and Analysis.
*Beale, G.K., The Temple and the Church's Mission: A Biblical Theology of the Dwelling Place of God.
Brettler, Marc Zvi, The Creation of History in Ancient Israel.
Brueggemann, Walter, The Land: Place as Gift, Promise, and Challenge in Biblical Faith, Second Edition.
*Charles, J. Daryl, ed., Reading Genesis 1-2: An Evangelical Conversation.
Collins, C. John, Genesis 1-4: A Linguistic, Literary, and Theological Commentary.
Collins, John J., Daniel.  Hermeneia.
Dozeman, Thomas, and Konrad Schmid, eds., A Farewell to the Yahwist?: The Composition of the Pentateuch in Recent European Interpretation.
Feder, Yitzhaq, Blood Expiation in Hittite and Biblical Ritual: Origins, Context, and Meaning.
Frankel, David, The Land of Canaan and the Destiny of Israel: Theologies of Territory in the Hebrew Bible.
*Fretheim, Terence, God and the World in the Old Testament: A Relational Theology of Creation.
Goldingay, John, Daniel. WBC.
Hobbs, T.R., 2 Kings. WBC.
House, Paul, 1, 2 Kings. NAC.
Lennox, John C., Seven Days that Divide the World: The Beginning According to Genesis and Science.
McCarter, P. Kyle, II Samuel. AB.
Millard, A.R., J.K. Hoffmeier, and D.W. Baker, eds., Faith, Tradition, and History: Old Testament Historiography in Its Near Eastern Context.
The New Interpreter's Bible, Volume VII.
Nicholson, Ernest, The Pentateuch in the Twentieth Century: The Legacy of Julius Wellhausen.
Perdue, Leo G., Joseph Blenkinsopp, John J. Collins, and Carol Meyers, Families in Ancient Israel.
Polzin, Robert, David and the Deuteronomist: A Literary Study of the Deuteronomic History, Part Three: 2 Samuel.
Poythress, Vern Sheridan, Logic: A God-Centered Approach to the Foundation of Western Thought.
*Simkins, Ronald A., Creator and Creation: Nature in the Worldview of Ancient Israel.
Trible, Phyllis, God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality.
Trible, Phyllis, Texts of Terror: Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives.
Van Seters, John, In Search of History: Historiography in the Ancient World and the Origins of Biblical History.
Von Rad, Gerhard, The Problem of the Hexateuch and Other Essays.
Von Rad, Gerhard, Holy War in Ancient Israel.
*Walsh, Jerome, 1 Kings. Berit Olam.
Walton, John, Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology.
Weinfeld, Moshe, Social Justice in Ancient Israel and in the Ancient Near East.
Wellhausen, Julius, Prolegomena to the History of Israel.
*Wilson, Robert, Genealogy and History in the Biblical World.
*Wright, Christopher J.H., God's People in God's Land: Family, Land, and Property in the Old Testament.

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