Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update!!! (Finally...)

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged on here - about three years! That's what happens when you have two more kids come along and finish off your dissertation! So, update on what's happened since the last post:

October 3-4 2008: I participated in the first Midwest Philosophy and Theology Conference at Lincoln University and met some awesome people there in the process. My paper was entitled "A Mea Culpa for the Felix Culpa?: A Greater Goods Response to the Problems of Evil and Hell" and was an exploration of theodicy or defense without appealing to libertarian freedom (although, as I indicate at the end of the paper, I think the best theodicy or defense will probably need to combine these approaches in some way). The proceedings can be found here. I recommend Anderson and Lim's papers, which were very interesting.

Just a couple weeks later: new baby!!!

Spring 2009: Pacific APA in Vancouver. I gave an abridged version of half of one of my dissertation chapters. For the abstract, along with those of the rest of the meeting, see here.

March 2009: Move to the Bay Area.

Fall 2009: Finish dissertation! Time, Tense, and Mind: A Case Study in Metaphysics and Perspectival Representation is all done! Now if only I could get a job...

Spring 2010: Nope, instead, I get into the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley in their Masters of Biblical Languages Program (since the only logical thing after not being able to find employment is go back for another degree...). As a master's student, I am affiliated with one of the GTU's member schools, so my choice is the DSPT (Dominican School for Philosophy and Theology) - which is interesting since I'm not Roman Catholic - with Sister Barbara Green as my adviser.

Fall 2010: Start my new program. That's about where I am now. I'll post some more new stuff as I'm able (we had yet another baby in March!).


stanford said...

Welcome Back Ian! I look forward to your new posts. The GTU library is one of my favorite places on earth. Enjoy.

And I am also back for a masters after my PhD (eclogy after engineering). I'm not sure if that makes it more or less nerdy.

Ian and Gilda said...

More, of course! Why else would I go back myself? :)